Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association,
(MOFFA) was established in 1991 as a non-profit organization. We strive to build a sustainable network of individuals and organizations that support small farms,
family gardens, and ecologically sound businesses.

From our Articles of Incorporation, MOFFA’s purpose is to:

  • Educate growers, processors, retailers, and consumers about the practices, standards, processes, and promise of organically produced product
  • Provide authorized spokespersons for the industry: to encourage networking, particularly in the areas of information, purchasing, and marketing
  • Establish and articulate priorities for growers
  • Carry out liaison for/with other involved groups/organizations: to decide rules for materials, standards and practices that govern those in the industry
  • Inform and contribute to state regional and national
    practice and policy on farming, and specifically on
    organic farming
  • Recommend appropriate certification procedures: to
    advocate and work to bring about union among consumer,
    producer and distributor of product
  • Keep the public informed by bringing favorable attention
    to the organization and the cause
  • Conduct research concerning the production and handling of organic products.

The primary focus of the organization is Maryland, however regional affiliation and cooperation is encouraged.

A 9 person Board of Directors and a group of committee chair people serve the members. The people serving on the all-volunteer board offer a wide range of expertise and experience in sustainable farming, raising of livestock & poultry, food handling, organic certification, soil nutrition and consumer related issues.

Board of Directors Term Expires
Holly Budd,  Chair 2019
Val Bolger, Treasurer 2018
Cerruti Hooks 2017
Claudia Raskin 2018
Doug Britt 2018
Tanya Tolchin,   Vice-Chair 2017
Joanne Flynn 2019
Liz Retzig  2017
Cleo Braver 2019
Nick Maravell, Ex Officio

Questions for the board members & committee chairs are welcome.
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Committee Chairs:
Annual Meeting, Hospitality – Fay Walton