Board of Directors

A 9 person Board of Directors and a group of committee chair people serve the members. The people serving on the all-volunteer board offer a wide range of expertise and experience in sustainable farming, raising of livestock & poultry, food handling, organic certification, soil nutrition and consumer related issues.

2022 Board of Directors:

  • Cleo Braver
  • Kathleen Ciola Evans
  • Joanne Flynn
  • Tim Jenkins
  • Val Lovell
  • Erroll Mattox
  • Alicia Mitchell
  • Claudia Raskin
  • Fay Walton
  • Nick Maravell, Ex Officio
  • Holly Budd, Ex Officio

Questions for the board members are welcome. Contact the Board

Here are some of our more recent board members:

Claudia, Val, Fay, Tim, Katy and Joanne