We are all keenly aware of the obstacles and challenges the Coronavirus Pandemic poses.  In response to CDC guidelines, MOFFA is postponing the two Summer Social tours of rural and urban farms until such time as it is safe for in-person meetings.  Safety information related to Covid- 19 for farmers and food workers that has been compiled by Future Harvest, the Maryland Farmers Market Association, and Historic Lewes Farmers Market can be found by following this link:  COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Food Distribution and Purchases

Agri-business meat suppliers like Smithfield are having problems operating because food processing plant workers are experiencing a high rate of virus infection.  There are shortages of chicken and pork on supermarket shelves, and there are other items in our food supply that are difficult to come by.  So the need for a robust regional food system that puts safe, local, healthy food directly in the hands of area consumers has never been more apparent.  Local CSA’s are experiencing an uptick in sales as consumers search for clean, healthy food sources that are only handled by a few people.  How are we as farmers and food policy organizations ramping up to meet this challenge and this opportunity?  How can we be sure that organic is a substantial part of the response?  In the upcoming weeks, look for links on our website and posts on our Facebook page (MOFFA) that bring some of this into focus.  

Claudia Raskin

MOFFA Board    

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