Representing Organics Not Always Easy

Nick Maravell's Role On National Organic Board Phasing Out
Nick’s Role On National
Organic Board Phasing Out

MOFFA founding member, Nick Maravell recently attended his last official meeting as a member of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) in Stowe, Vermont, as his five-year term comes to an end. Originally appointed by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Nick was one of four “farmers/growers” on the 15-member board, which serves as a federal-level advisory body to the National Organic Program (NOP). Technically, he remains in his seat until January 2016.  

Over the years, Nick has attempted to represent the interests of organic family farmers. But his job has not always been easy, and many in the organic community have been frustrated by the influence of larger corporate organic interests on the body’s decision-making. Two of the four “farmer/growers” are corporate employees.  

At the most recent meeting in Vermont, local farmers demonstrated in favor of the NOSB’s recent policy not to allow the organic label on soilless hydroponics. The USDA has not endorsed this policy and does appear to not prohibit labeling hydroponic food as organic at this time.  
In addition, the Board reviewed over 100 “sunset” materials that are exceptions to the normal ban on using synthetics in organic food and farming. About 11 materials were successfully removed from the so-called “National List,” while Nick voted unsuccessfully to remove even more of these synthetics. USDA changed the rules for removing synthetics from the National List while Nick served on the Board. The new rules make it more difficult to remove synthetics. Had the original rules stayed in effect, more synthetics would have been removed at the recent board meeting.
Nick has enjoyed his opportunity to serve the organic community, and he looks forward to devoting his time back to the farm and to continuing his public advocacy for organic food and agriculture. 


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