Open Source Agricultural Tools with Farm Hack

At the upcoming Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association 2016 Winter Meeting, Dorn Cox, PhD, will discuss crowd sourcing farm tools and technology.

Dorn Cox with former coca-cola distribution trailer converted into a biofuel refinery. Photo Credit: Rich Pomerantz
Dorn Cox with former coca-cola distribution trailer converted into a biofuel refinery. Photo Credit: Rich Pomerantz

Dorn Cox is a founding member of the Farm Hack community, executive director for GreenStart, and a farmer working Tuckaway Farm,his 250-acre a multi-generational organic family farm in Lee, New Hampshire with his wife, Sarah, and two boys.

His participatory research focuses on collaborative open source research and development for regenerative agricultural systems. He is a co-founder of the FarmOS software platform and he has developed and shared systems for small-scale grain and oil seeds processing,  biofuel production,  no-till and low-till equipment and cover crop systems to increase carbon capture and soil health.

Dorn is also a founding member of the New England Farmers’ Union, the Great Bay Grain Cooperative, and the Oyster River Biofuel Initiative.  He was recognized in 2015 by that National Association of Conservation Districts as a Soil Health Champion and speaks regularly around the country about open agricultural knowledge exchange.     He has a B.S. from Cornell University and a PhD from the University of New Hampshire in Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science.

Farm Hack is a worldwide community of farmers that build and modify their own tools. Farm Hack community shares tools online and at in-person events to improve farming and farm tools by working together.  Dorn Cox will provide examples of tools for small scale production agriculture that draw on newly available technology, as well as upgrades of historic farm tools.

Dorn Cox will be presenting at the MOFFA Winter Meeting on February 20, 2016,  at 2:30. His talk will provide the basic information about the Farm Hack methodology and how to participate using the on-line tools and incorporate it into in-person events.

The MOFFA Winter Meeting runs from 8:00 am to 5:pm. There will be information for farmers and gardeners in search of new ideas, techniques, & inspiration, as well as networking opportunities for consumers and distributors looking for good sources of local,

organic food. For more information about the MOFFA Winter Meeting, please visit the Events Page.

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